Courses in Social Innovation at Yale 2016-2017

Below is a list of courses related to social entrepreneurship and innovation in the health sector across all schools at Yale. These courses vary in focus, style, and level of difficulty so please contact course instructors directly with any questions.

Saving Lives at Birth Project
Course #ClassAreaSchoolSpring/FallProfessorPre-requisites, specific course requirements or considerations
ARCH 3239Launch: Architecture and EntrepreneurialismArchitectureArchitectureSpring 2017Keller Easterling
CPSC 100aIntroduction to Computing and ProgrammingTechComputer ScienceFall 2016Brian Scassellati/Patrick RebeschiniNo previous programming experience required. Open to students of all levels and majors.
CPSC 112Introduction to ProgrammingTechComputer ScienceSpring 2017Daniel Abadi, Drew McDermott, Yang YangNo previous experience with computers necessary
CPSC 213Apps, Software, and EntrepreneurshipTechComputer ScienceSpring 2017Kyle Jensenneed to take CPSC 100, CPSC 112, CPSC 413 or equivalent
ECON 414Economic Models of New TechnologyBusinessEconomicsFall 2016Evangelia ChaliotiPrerequisites: intermediate microeconomics and econometrics
ENAS400Product Design and EntreprenerushipBusinessEngineering and Applied ScienceSpring 2017Joseph Zinter
ENAS 118Engineering Innovation & DesignTechEngineering and Applied ScienceFall 2016Lawrence Wilen, Cinvent Wilzynski, Eric Dufresne, Larry WilenPriority to Freshmen. Requires permission of the instructor
ENVE 410LEnvironmental Technology and the Developing WorldTechEngineering and Applied ScienceSpring 2017Jaehong KimRequires permission of the instructor. Rerequisites: ENVE 373 and 377. Priority to Environmental Studies majors.
MENG 489Mechanical Design: Process and ImplementationTechEngineering and Applied ScienceFall 2016Beth Bennett, Aaron Dollarprerequisite: MENG 280, 361, or permission of instructor
Advanced Graduate Leadership Program - Technology VenturesTechEngineering and Applied Science
FES 1153-02Social Entrepreneurship ConsultancyBusinessForestrySpring 2017CBEY - student ledApplication necessary, limited number of students 20, student will receive a consulting training and consult Yale entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs can apply if they have a social or environmental topic they want to receive input on.
FES 961Entrepreneursial Venture CreationBusinessForestryFall 2016Maureen BurkeThis course is for six teams of five students each that want to write a business plan for their own real new start-up company. It runs October 20, 2014–February 23, 2015.There will be an information session regarding the application process for this course on Monday, September 8, 11:45 a.m.–12:45 p.m., in Rm. 4430 in SOM's Evans Hall. Enrollment limited to thirty, by permission of the instructors.
FES885b/ENVE360b/ENAS 660bGreen Engineering and Sustainable DesignBusinessForestrySpring 2017Julie Zimmerman, Paul AnastasOpen to all. Need to be present at the first class meet-up. Students tackle current engineering and product design challenges in a series of class exercises and a final design project.
GLBL 101Gateway to Global AffairsInt'l DevJackson/YCFall 2016Unni KarunakaraEntry Level Course for Undergraduate Students in Social Entrepreneurship
MGT 529Global Social Entrepreneurship: IndiaBusinessSOMFall2 2016 / Spring1 2017Tony SheldonOpen to Yale graduate and professional school students. Course enrollement by application; All students will travel to India and are responsible for airfare to and from India and related immunization and visa expenses.
MGT 621Managing Social EnterprisesBusinessSOMFall 2016Kate CooneyEntry Level Course for Graduate Students in Social Entrepreneurship
MGT 645Start-up Founder StudiesBusinessSOMFall 2016Kyle JensenStudents from any part of Yale are welcome. Admission to the course is application only and is limited exclusively to entrepreneurs who have started a new venture prior to the beginning of the course. Students from any part of Yale are welcome. To apply, send a short description of your start-up experience to the instructor, Kyle Jensen, at If you have been accepted previously to a YEI summer program (e.g. the summer fellowship or summer VCP programs), admission may be assumed and you need not apply formally. However, you must still contact the instructor to register.
MGT 655Entrepreneurship and New VenturesBusinessSOMFall 2016/Spring2017Daniel WarshayApplication (see details online)—most appropriate for students looking to found new ventures or work in leadership roles in the technology sector. Non-SOM also welcome. 
MGT 646Start-up Founder PracticumBusinessSOMFall 2016 / Spring 2017Jen McFadden, Kyle JensenAdmission to the course is by application and limited exclusively to student-entrepreneurs who have started a new venture prior to the beginning of the course. Open to students across the university; contact for more information.
MGT 553Strategic CommunicationBusinessSOMFall 2016 / Spring 2017Taly ReichPermission of instructor required.
MGT 866Innovation in Government and SocietyBusinessSOMEric BravermanPermission of instructor required.
MGT 557Design & Marketing of New ProductBusinessSOMSpring 2017Sen SubrataPermission of instructor required.
MGT 865Global Social EnterpriseBusinessSOMSpring 2017Tony SheldonOpen to Yale graduate and professional school students. Designed around a spring break trip where students provide pro bono consulting work in a selected country; grows out of GSE club at SOM.
MGT 652International EntrepreneurshipBusinessSOMFall 2016 / Spring 2017Raymond N Chang
MGT 844Accounting and Finance Boot campEconomics & FinanceSOMSpring 2017Matthew Spiegel, Shyam Sunder
MGT 635Venture Capital & Private Equity InvestmentsEconomics & FinanceSOMSpring 2017Elon Boms
MGT 895Real Estate Finance for Institutional InvestorsEconomics & FinanceSOMSpring 2017Kevin Gray
MGT 897Entrepreneurial FinanceEconomics & FinanceSOMSpring 2017Song Ma, Elon Boms
MGT 846Financial Inclusion International Development/ MicrofinanceInt'l DevSOMSpring 2017Tony Sheldon
MGT 522Behavioral Strategies for Selling New Products in Emerging MarketsInt'l DevSOMSpring 2017Mushfiq Mobarak
MGT 660Advanced Management of Software DevelopmentTechSOMFall 2016Kyle JensenThe class is open to all Yale students. This course is an advanced version of MGT656. It is most appropriate for students who have work experience in software development or management thereof.
ECON 731Economic Development IIInt'l DevSOM/EconomicsSpring 2017Dean Karlan and Nicholas Ryan
ART 369Interactive DesignArt & DesignYCSpring 2017Luke Archer, Laurel Schwulstno prior programming experience required. Materials fee: $150. Prerequisite ART132 or permission of instructor
ECON 410The Economics of InnovationEconomics & FinaneYCSpring 2017Mitsuru IgamiPrerequisites: econometrics and intermediate microeconomics.
HLTH 380Early Childhood and SDGs/DevelopmentEducationYCFall 2016Nicholas K. AlipuiRequires permission of the Instructor
MENG 404, BENG 404Medical Device Design and InnovationHealthYCFall 2016Joseph Zinter
ECON 472Evaluating Charitable OrganizationsInt'l DevYCSpring 2017Dean Karlanprerequisits: intermediate microeconomics and econometrics, requires permission of instructor
ECON 591 (Grad), ECON 327Economics of Poverty AlleviationInt'l DevYCSpring 2017Dean KarlanAfter introductory microeconomics and econometrics.
GLBL 499Capstone course for GLBL seniorsInt'l DevYCFall 2016Bo HopkinsCourse fulfills the capstone project requirement for the Global Affairs major.
MGT 656Management of Software DevelopmentTechYCFall 2016Kyle JensenThe course is most appropriate for students who will have leadership roles in industries being disrupted by technology, or who are launching new ventures with a web component. The course is open to all Yale students. Students with experience in software development, or who are recruiting into product management roles in the technology sector, should take MGT660, which is an advanced version of this course.
MENG 491Appropriate Technology & the Developing WorldInt'l DevYC/EngineeringSpring 2017Bo Hopkins & Joseph ZinterPermission of instructor required.
MGT 657, MD 657New Ventures in Healthcare and Life SciencesHealthYSPH/SOMSpring 2017Kyle Jensen, Christopher Loose, Ayesha KhalidThe course is designed for a diverse student body including students from management, natural sciences, and medicine. Interested students should submit an application here:

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